Update needs your help. I originally wrote the code back in 2014 to solve an a personal problem I had. Since then it’s organically grown to have more features; a twitter bot, station data and environmental stats. It’s been great and I have had awesome feedback. It’s never really had a chance for fixing the code quality and the database structure leaves a lot to be desired. It’s currently hosted on my own server and to date I’ve covered all costs incurred with running the service.

Drawing of wind turbine and solar panels on a hill

For the last year the only thing running on that server has been and as such I’m chasing funding to cover the costs of running the server along with cost engineering time to fix up some issues with the application. Given enough funding we can even add some really cool features I’ve got planned.

I’ve started a Patreon page in the hope that there is enough support to keep the service running and allow for improvements.

So with enough funnding what can we do?

  • Buy a domain name (this has been bugging me since I started the project)
  • Automate new station data
  • Ingest all data fields
  • Public Kibana instance to allow users to explore the data
  • Geotag all the stations
  • Add Western Australia
  • Machine Learning
  • Add weather feeds
  • Network map
  • Public API
  • Ingest all historic data (10 years of NEM!)

You can donate as much or as little as you want at the Patreon page here; every bit helps extends