bunnie (Keynote)

Chumby founder

  • Little time is spent actually doing the hardware design
    • majority of time doing market research, and production ramp
    • about 20% time spent in product/software dev
  • Injection molded
    • lot of steel work / cncing
    • slow process
    • High failure rate - expensive
  • Sell in Q4 - ship or die
  • Embedded CPUs have lots of weird bugs
    • Boot failure below 0C
  • CPU specific media loaders
  • Small memory footprint
  • Flash issues
  • CPU frequencies
    • Safe way to change voltage
  • Power management - ensuring no apps are waking the cpu
  • Suspend / sleep support on drivers needed to be fixed
  • Driver updates done by your self
  • Update management
    • run own server
  • Software a problem
    • feature creep
  • Hardware becomes the cage

  • Development Philosophy: “Up and running in 30 minutes”


  • Camera SOC and FPGA
  • Camera straight into the FPGA, which then connects to the SoC
  • or Camera into SoC, FPGA into SoC, LCD in FPGA


Allows overlay of video with javascript / ajax

  • replaces pink pixels on the rendered page
  • HDMI -> FPGA -> DHMI
  • FPGA to CPU
  • pxlclock from video, not local
  • automatically set video stream resolution
  • start LCD DMA based on VSYNC start
  • buffer