3KU Delta Printer

UPDATE - If you have bought one of these printers check out the 3KU Owners Club.

From here - http://www.aliexpress.com/item/2015-3KU-Easy-Install-Metal-Structure-Delta-3D-Printer-with-One-Filament-and-LCD-for-free/32364813740.html


  • Price
  • Mostly Metal parts (LCD screen and top plate held with 3d printed parts - not so important)
  • Pusher works really well compared to 3d printed designs
  • Includes a lot of extra stuff (Filament, Bed leveling sensor, LCD, Masking tape, paint scrapper, spare stepper driver and heater core, sd card, roll holder)
  • USB stick included with manuals, firmware and install videos
  • Install videos easy to follow
  • Seems to print fairly fast - still need to tune to see how far I can push it
  • The picture showed a 4 holes to mount the bed - it’s actually 3, which line up with common heatbeds.
  • Shipped via DHL and arrived in under 14 days
  • Came with Allen keys
  • Powersupply doesn’t have exposed 240v and uses a barrel jack. Figure 8 (C7/C8) lead
  • Has an on/off switch!
  • Belts not fishing wire
  • Seems like fairly good parts


  • No heatsinks on stepper drivers nor cooling fan for electronics - I don’t think this is required if drivers aren’t at max current
  • No heated bed
  • Some of the PDFs for install steps were a little confusing
  • Comes with a deathdapter (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hvOTiQKkQMo
  • Older version of Marlin that doesn’t support negative numbers (shows random ascii chars on screen lol)
  • Insutrctions didn’t cover autobed leveling
  • Doesn’t use a smoothieboard or ther controller with a dedicated FPU