Home Automation Part 2

So the electrician came and done the hard part(240 side of the relays) for the lights. I.ve installed the door lock and tried two approaches to coding the entire system. The first approach which is the setup I.m sticking with is using the arduino to do scheduled tasks, and check inputs with a JSONP interface. The second approach I tried but don.t like as much is using python on a dedicated server doing all the smart thinking and the arduino just tells it digital / analog readings. The second approach is better for prototyping and speed but adds another point of failure, along with the need of programming a web server, middleware and deal with TCP sockets to the arduino as well. I went back to the first approach.

There are still lots of bugs in both versions but both are on my github page here and here. Also included is the python script I used with SL4A and Widget Locker to allow me to slide to unlock my home.