SyncML and Funambol

When you don’t have a Google account it makes using an Android based phone very hard. One for the most annoying issues is that lack of alternative ways to sync calendar and contact details. Previously I used vCards and used Androids built in vCard importer (which is very handy and works well), however this is only for contacts and is only one way.

After some Googling and complaining I came across SyncML and Funambol Server. SyncML is a standard protocol / spec for syncing data, in particular personal information such as contacts and calender.

The Funambol server runs on Java, however it seems to run on a fairly small foot print, and hasn’t started nom’ing on RAM yet. It’s a simple install and only takes a small amount of configuration to get up and running.

Funambol also provides a few clients (I use the Microsoft Outlook one, along with the Android client), however other clients are supported (I use sync-ui and syncevolution).

In general the whole system works very well, and I’m yet to find an issue with the system.