After the cloud

Just a short post and update of things I’ve changed, don’t like or forgot about when leaving the cloud. So far I haven’t died being “off the grid”, but a few of my habits have changed (possibly for the better). Being off the cloud isn’t as bad as you think,  and you won’t die. Now and then I got a link to something on Facebook or an 18+ YouTube video that I simply had to disregard. I also had to create a GMail account for Android Market place to Root my phone, but the account was deleted straight away and F-Droid installed.

I had to make some hard decisions on what was acceptable data to hand out to everyone, and what I wanted self hosted. I ended up with a few accounts left outside my control:

  • Gravatar/libravatar
  • Github
  • Reddit
  • Linkedin
The reasons I didn’t rush to move these accounts:
  • I want that data public and shared to everyone
  • Ease of use
  • Reddit, Github and libravatar are fairly opensource or open standards
Things I forgot about:
  • My blog posts referencing flickr images (I still have to fix a lot of these up)
  • LinkedIn
  • Android Market (F Droid is a great replacement)
Things I changed:
  • TinyTinyRSS ended up being a bit clunky, so I decided to goto a desktop client
  • plogger to Gallary3 (I’m still not sold on this and might go back to plogger)