30 Days of Geek - Day 10 - Picture, screenshot and specifications of your primary computer.

CPU: AMD Phenom™ II X4 940 Processor (4 core a 3GHz, in winter overclocked to 3.2GHz) GPU: nVidia GeForce GTX 260+ RAM: 4x2GB DDR2 800 HDD: 2x500GiB Monitor: 2x19” Widescreen - 2880x900

Really I overclock it for shits and giggles, I have no need for so much CPU time, so boinc/world community grid is constantly running in the background.

I feel running Linux the 8GB of RAM is unnecessary, however when running Windows along with some games it is handy to have. I’m looking at dropping my HDD space down to 500GiB and configuring up a NAS to store everything other than the OS. I would take a picture but it’s in a plain case with no cool mods.