30 Days of Geek - Day 7 - Preferred smartphone platform. And which do you use?

Android wins this one, but only just. I’ve sampled Windows Mobile, S60, iPhone OS, and Android, and all have decent operating systems, features and quirks.

The reason I’ve chosen Android as my favorite is that you can run unauthorized programs on the phone and it allows the application more control over the OS than iPhone and S60, while not allowing complete system domination like Windows Mobile.

I have two griefs with Android though, it’s applications are made with Java (which is too bad, as long as I’m not coding them), and the way Android is advertised as open. Android handsets (at least in .au), require jailbreaking and hacking to replace the OS with a truly open copy, which kinda of limits the amount of hacking and improving that can be done on the phone. I haven’t jail broken my phone, but I am told that the hacking community have crafted the OS to run quicker on some platforms.

Android also seems a bit clunky. It’s not as smooth or well designed as iPhone, and I think some users would much prefer the elegance of iPhone OS.

At the end of the day, my phone can make calls (and seamlessly integrate with SIP), and send SMS messages. The rest is a bonus.