Tue, Jan 29, 2013

  • OpenGl / mesa - like GCC for the GPU
  • no debugger or visibility
  • Mesa coding to get features, and not writing build/dev tools
  • apitrace // build by VMware
    • intercepts opengl calls
    • replay and recording
  • think of a program and make it exist using apt-cache search
  • apitrace trim
    • Trims the trace files to the useful sections or frames
    • Able to isolate sections
  • qapitrace
    • GUI for each frame and each GL call
    • Can show the state of everything in the GL
    • Can edit the GL calls and edit it, run it from the gui
  • aptrace dump images
    • used to diff images
    • apitrace diff-iamges ( use GPU to compare iamges)