Painting Lines - 1

This blog series intends to show some of the more ridiculous traffic engineering designs provided by VicRoads. These posts aren’t designed to debate legalities of such system but rather investigate the possible actions when people are provided with the stimulus. Our first example is the intersection at the corner of Waltham Street and Bridge Road. The Google Street View of the area is a little out of date which shows that the traffic lights in this area which means the traffic lights have been installed in the last 2 years. [Read More]


Welcome to my new blog. There may not be a lot here yet. I may or may not import some of my older writings. [Read More]

3KU Delta Printer

UPDATE - If you have bought one of these printers check out the 3KU Owners Club. From here - Likes Price Mostly Metal parts (LCD screen and top plate held with 3d printed parts - not so important) Pusher works really well compared to 3d printed designs Includes a lot of extra stuff (Filament, Bed leveling sensor, LCD, Masking tape, paint scrapper, spare stepper driver and heater core, sd card, roll holder) USB stick included with manuals, firmware and install videos Install videos easy to follow Seems to print fairly fast - still need to tune to see how far I can push it The picture showed a 4 holes to mount the bed - it’s actually 3, which line up with common heatbeds. [Read More]

Kodi OpenElec Keyboard Issue

Kodi / XBMC / OpenElec may have trouble with Apple Bluetooth Keyboards when numlock is stuck on. Only volume keys and a few others like backspace seem to work. When this is the case you can use a crude hack to force numlock/capslock to be off by create a file in /storage/.config/ with the follow. Don’t forget to chmod +x it. #!/bin/bash python -c 'from ctypes import *; X11 = cdll. [Read More]

Depression Ramblings

Preamble: This post is about my encounter with depression. This is 100% honest and truthful. The reason I’m writing this is to raise money for Movember ( which supports several mental health programs ( along with raising awareness. I may not be able to grow a decent mo, so hopefully this suffices. ~ I think depression has been with me for most of my life. From a fairly young age I had my first encounters with suicidal thoughts and being around 6 or 7 at the time, I didn’t really know how to cope with it. [Read More]

Virgin Flight 1716 Gladstone to Brisbane

A boring blog post about waiting After some unfortunate events at work, and the cancelation of my flight on Saturday I had my flight to LCA moved to Sunday 13:40. I arrived fairly early to the airport and checked in fairly quickly. Upon checking in the nice lady stated the plane was looking at being 2 hours late. Previous flights to LCA have in the past resulted in airport security checking all the bits and pieces in my bag (camera gear, networking gear, Ardiuno gear). [Read More]

AVR Libs

MHVLib C++ Sits on top of AVR LibC PROGMEM and pgm_read_byte to store read only data in Flash only Sometimes have to break the API for the greater good Prefer using 8 bit types -function-sections Every function has it’s own section, then the linker can discard those sections Pass template parameters as the code will be computed and discarded to save space Restructure code to be event driven Saves power, stops using busy loop rather than waiting Make the main loop just check events and sleep More functions in a classes Write documentation first to avoid scope creep Avoid generic names in libraries since the linker just picks the fist one Use namespaces for libs Limit variables Name variables INCLUDING counters Use scope enums Platform Harvard Arch [Read More]

Bare Metal provisioning with OpenStack

Devananda van der Veen Simplicity - use same tools to stand up both virtual machines and physical Useful for perform or PCI card dependencies Hypervisor driver for Nova (compute part of OpenStack) Doesn’t actually run anything on the machine Compute tells hypervisor to do stuff like start/stop/snapshot Devstack Sets up openstack quickly Bootstrap node deploys images Network issues with Quantum due to software switching / hardware switching Future plans Local persistent storage with Cinder Openstack on Openstack Requirements - Flat network - no DHCP - [Read More]

Buffer Bloat

Stephen Hemminger Most applications don’t choose the correct priority. High priority queue will starve the other queues Random Exponential Drop ok, but hard to work out what to drop when… Hierarachical works when you know the traffic types and have someone to admin Stochastic fair queue (128 bottles ). Random hash of the flow and goes into each queue. Controlled delay. Drops out data that is 5ms too old works regardless of speed SFQ + Controlled delay (FQC) If hash collision occurs, still 5ms Bottle neck needs to be where you can control Patch to make sockets not able to fill queues faster than they can exit the last queue Some wireless cards have queues FQC currently the best in the Linux Kernel QOS Get speed test, configure queues to be correct it at the router Move bottle neck to router Wireless Different speeds make moving the bottle neck harder TODO Run ICSI Netalyzr Windows XP Max windows 64k Windows 7 Bandwidth 80mbit [Read More]


The Storage Stack for OpenStack Florian Haas - Friday tutorial for Ceph Native Object Storage Ignores permissions, hierarchy (eg directory), owners Limited to GET PUT DELETE ect… Not a file or a block, it’s an object Can scale to exabytes Stored redundantly Ceph can be used directly or with a layer above it, eg with OpenStack OpenStack can use Ceph to present a block device Thin provisioned Snapshotting, caching ReSTful Object Storage access via HTTP ResTful calls Distributed Filesystem POSIX stuff Lots of client APIs / command line tools RADOS [Read More]